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Frequently Asked
What do we treat or offer?

My mission is to help active people return to their favorite activity after an injury without the need of unneccessary medication, injection, and surgery.
You receive direct access to a Doctor of Physical Therapy who can diagnose and treat majority of injuries/pain of the muscles, joints, and nerves throughout the body without the need of a physician referral.
We can help any musculoskeletal injury that does not require immediate surgery and we have more than 10 years of experience working in this field.
The majority of our patients are very motivated to return to their active lifestyle and want to spend quality time with family/friends. Our clients value their health and want the best care. Our wellness aspect also focuses on prevention of possible injuries, strengthening and conditioning, etc. We also specialize in Pelvic health, especially focusing on our female clients.

What is "Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy"?
Pelvic floor is important for us in many ways and it helps support our organs, assist in bowel and bladder control, and sexual function. Pelvic health physical Therapy is provided by a physical therapist, who are musculoskeletal experts, trained and or certified in Pelvic Health. Pelvic health physical therapy consists of various effective treatment methods for areas associated with pelvis (sacrum, coccyx (tailbone), sacroiliac joint, etc.) and the muscle group as well as other surrounding soft tissue. Treatment methods can consist of education, manual therapy (massage and hands on treatment), pelvic floor exercises, pelvic floor biofeedback, pelvic floor electrical stimulation, etc.
A pelvic health physical therapist is able to assess the musculoskeletal system and treat the body as a whole. We provide Pelvic Health Physical Therapy in Tracy, CA., and we believe in treating our patients with full respect and addressing all their needs to help them recover safely. Females, especially who are athletes, mothers, wives, etc., need to pay close attention to their pelvic floor function so they can avoid possible surgery or other complications in the future.
Why does no one talk about the silent pelvic floor pain and dysfunction epidemic?
Millions of people are suffering from Pelvic pain and dysfunction in America but still this condition is left untreated. Majority of the people suffer from Pelvic pain and Urinary Incontinence but they do not see the right care. They are embarrassed, not properly diagnosed and/or informed about the treatment options available for them other than surgery or medication.
Majority of the people assume that Kegel exercises are the only treatment options a Physical Therapist can provide and unfortunately most patients are performing them incorrectly on their own, which can potentially worsen their condition.
Do I need a referral from my doctor?
California is a Direct Access state, which allows patients to directly seek care from a physical therapist without a referral from any other provider. A Doctor of Physical Therapy can help diagnose and treat your condition. If they are unable to help you then they can refer you to the appropriate provider as needed.
What will the first visit consist?
As we know that the pelvic floor consist of muscles and ligaments along with bony structures. A physical therapist certified in Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy can properly assess all areas and also the muscle strength and control in the pelvic region. It is important to feel comfortable with your physical therapist on your first visit and ask a lot of questions.
The first visit usually will consist of detailed interview. If they patient feels comfortable and gives the approval, an external exam will be performed followed by an internal exam, which gives even more specific and detailed assessment of the problem. The muscle layers, nerve, ligaments, tendon, and alignment can be properly assessed with a internal exam. Based on all the findings a proper action plan is put together that fits the patients need.
It will take at least 4-6 sessions to get true results if the patient is consistent with their home program and follow up with their Physical Therapist on weekly basis.
What is urinary incontinence?
The inability to control urine leakage due to various reasons, including weakness of pelvic floor muscles, poor muscle control, pressure, pain, hyperactive bladder, stress, etc.
What does "Pelvic Floor dysfunction" really mean?
Pelvic floor dysfunction can be caused by wide range of problems, which occur when the muscles of the pelvic region are not functioning normally and are often too tight or weak. There is also pain and impairments of the sacroiliac joint, low back, coccyx, and the hip joint. This can lead of pelvic pain and loss of function. Due to the complex nature of this condition it is important to seek the right care and find the root cause. A Physical Therapist can use multiple treatment approaches to help resolve these problems.
What is "Pelvic Organ Prolapse"?
Pelvic Organ prolapse is when the organs start protruding out (Can vary from Grade I to IV) of the pelvic floor opening in females, the vagina. Grade I and II can be treated conservatively, but grade III or IV will possibly need surgery. Pelvic Organ Prolapse is a silent condition as there is fear and shame involved, as well as embarrassment. If caught in the early stages, Physical Therapy for Pelvic Organ Prolapse can be very successful and essential part of the treatment process. A pelvic floor Physical therapist can help properly diagnose the level of pelvic organ prolapse and based on the findings create a proper treatment plan.
What is biofeedback?
Often a biofeedback unit can be part of the assessment or treatment, which depends on your need. A biofeedback unit can read the electrical activity in your muscles without anything happening to you (pain free) and gives feedback.
Electrodes can be placed externally or a sensor is placed internally, as needed, for proper reading. The amount of activation in your muscles is displayed on the biofeedback unit and helps us better understand the problem.
Thank you for visiting the FAQ page. If your questions were not covered here, please email or call us at (209)747-3945 to schedule a phone consultation with a Physical Therapist.
WHY choose Dr. Aman Dhaliwal?
We have direct access (No physician referral needed), professional/Licensed practitioner, alternative treatment choice to medication, injections, and surgery, flexible appointments (Early morning, late evenings, weekends), valuable “one on one” treatment directly with a Doctor of Physical Therapy, full body treatment approach to find the cause instead of treating symptoms, multilingual- English, Hindi, and Punjabi, Easy accessible, great location, and ample parking space, and provide physical therapy in Tracy, CA and the surrounding area.