After delivering my first baby in June 2018, I was in severe pain and the only answer I received form my OBGYN was pain management and “letting it heal over time.” I decided to see Aman and I learned about pelvic physical therapy. I learned that those muscles down there have to be rehabilitated just like any muscle that has undergone trauma.

I wish everyone was given the opportunity/information about working with a pelvic floor physical therapist BEFORE and AFTER delivery. There is so much to learn that is not discussed by doctors and regular pregnancy classes.

I was finally pain free after working with Aman. When I first met with Aman, I had told her I would not have another child because of the severe pain that I had after my delivery. Yet she was able to help get rid of my pain and I had my 2nd child in April 2020.

I hope the future of healthcare will provide pelvic floor physical therapy to all moms so that they can enjoy the time with their newborn instead allowing them to suffer in pain without knowing whether the pain will ever resolve